Packing Art

Regardless of the type of work to be stored or moved, some type of packing is usually needed. TransArt has experienced packers with many years of experience in handling invaluable items.

Unique objects are often irreplaceable, and can often have very special needs. It can be big, heavy, small and fragile or very old – or a combination of these.

Preserving collections for the future is an important task and in our warehouse we have the opportunity to meet several different types of special needs.


Transporting consignments of sensitive goods usually requires specially manufactured packaging.

Each work of art requires its own solution for packaging and transport. In our carpentry, packaging is produced adapted to the goods to be transported. Criteria to take into account can be the mode of transport and the requirements set by the recipient or in the recipient country, the value of the shipment, the shipment’s resistance to temperature changes, humidity and air pressure.

All transport boxes are available according to the international standard for packaging timber – ISPM15. More information about ISPM15 marking can be downloaded from the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Jordbruksverket .