TransArt i Varberg AB is a service company with extensive experience in transportation of art and artmanagement. The company specializes in arthandling including packing, transport, unpacking and hanging of art worldwide, in a place where the customer wants it. The business is run with a focus on the customer’s requirements and expectations.

TransArt in Varberg AB shall in all respects conduct the business with the least possible environmental impact. The company shall work to protect the environment and prevent pollution where it is relevant to the organization’s conditions and with regard to the financial and technical resources available, as well as comply with legal requirements.

Our customers expect us to transport the right products, at the right time, in a safe way and with a high level of service. In addition to this, we will also have a well-maintained fleet.

TransArt i Varberg AB strives to do right from the beginning and undertakes to work with continuous improvements in our management system for quality and environment according to ISO 14001 and ISO 90001, comply with laws and regulations and government instructions and to see these as minimum requirements for the level of our quality and environmental work.

Meeting set expectations is a prerequisite for satisfied customers. It is a personal responsibility and a task for all employees.

Varberg, 15 April 2024

Johan Börjesson